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                                  • Dear friends;

                                    I’m using DevExpress Extreme to create graphics, the version is 19.2.5, the frame is 4.5.2 with Visual Basic. Please see following videos:

                                       1-1.mp4 This is the original program, I need to create the graph for this user, I choose her and create a json file, I recover data: Name, colors, and maybe the graph data, however the page didn’t show any bar.
                                       Program.mp4. Yesterday I did a lot of tests, I was unable to obtain any graph, so today I created a new project, copy the json file, this video shows the programming.
                                       1-f-1mp4. When I run the program of the previous point, the program shows the graph.
                                       1-f.mp4. The original file 1.1, is inside master page, so I created on my system one aspx file without master page, I copied exactly the program to this new aspx file, and how can you see in the video, the system doesn’t create any graph.
                                    I compared both programs and set exactly the same versions of the tools, but I can not obtain any graph inside my system, please, can you help me?

                                    Thanks in advance

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                                Thanks, I was able to solve this issue

                                Best regards

                                • Lex (DevExpress Support) 01.15.2020

                                  I'm happy to hear that the issue has been resolved, Edgar!