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                                You should refresh the page.
                                  • When I click the Add -> New Task on the top level task (Software Development in the example) an error is thrown.
                                    I am replicating this on your website at this link

                                    If you have the console open when trying to add a New Task, it will give the following error in dx-gantt.js
                                    dx-gantt.min.js:9 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'expanded' of undefined
                                        at t.create (dx-gantt.min.js:9)
                                        at t.redo (dx-gantt.min.js:9)
                                        at e.addAndRedo (dx-gantt.min.js:9)
                                        at t.executeInternal (dx-gantt.min.js:9)
                                        at t.e.execute (dx-gantt.min.js:9)
                                        at t.execute (dx-gantt.min.js:9)
                                        at t.value (dx.all.js:118)
                                        at t.value (dx.all.js:118)
                                        at t.onItemClick (dx.all.js:118)
                                        at Object.execute (dx.all.js:19)

                                • Harold Frederick 01.14.2020


                                  Thank you for the detailed report. I was able to reproduce it locally from my side. We will need additional time to research this behavior and we will update this thread with news regarding the issue.

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                                • Customer95091 01.15.2020

                                  Awesome. Thanks Harold.


                                This issue is already being discussed at the context of this ticket: Gantt widget - The "Cannot set property 'expanded' of undefined" error occurs when adding a task to the root node. You may add it to your favorites to receive further updates regarding this behavior.