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                                  • Issue: The widget doesn't delete a row on the Delete button click if a cell was focused.

                                    Demo:  CodePen

                                    Steps to reproduce:

                                    1. Open the CodePen sample I provided and start to edit a cell.
                                    2. Click the Delete button.

                                    Actual Behavior:
                                    An editor in the previously edited cell remains active, dxDataGrid doesn't delete a row even if the Delete button is clicked multiple times.

                                    Expected Behavior:
                                    dxDataGrid should delete a row.

                                    Other info:
                                    Use the Cell edit mode. To delete a row, a user has to click outside the Delete button first. See the attached screencast.
                                    dxDataGrid operates as expected in v19.2.4 if repaintChangesOnly is true. The issue may relate to the T833456 fix.

                                1 Solution

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                                • 19.2.6 : Official update is coming