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                                    I'm in version 19.1.6.
                                    After changing reference to V19.1.6, I got an build Error "lc.exe" exited with code -1. T846780

                                    Can you offer BOLL indicator Crosshair Text Pattern? I found by default BOLL indicator could show Average,Lower, Upper Value in Label but not in Legend(I can only get Average value in Legend by default). There should be some placeholders which can be used by indicators.

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                                I converted the sample project to v19.1 of DevExpress assemblies (you can use the Project Converter tool to update assembly references on your machine).
                                As for the Bollinger Bands Indicator, use {AV}, {UV} and {LV} placeholders to display the required values in the Legend panel.

                                • Customer103467 01.14.2020


                                  Sample Porject: There's a lack of "C:\Users\Public\Documents\DevExpress Demos 19.2\Components\WinForms\CS\ChartsMainDemo\Data\EURUSDDaily.csv " file.

                                  And  {AV}, {UV} and {LV} placeholders  works  for me, thanks!

                                  What's more, how could I find more placeholders  infos like this? It seems no reference to know about.

                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 01.15.2020


                                  Refer to the Indicator.CrosshairLabelPattern article for additional information about supported indicator patterns.
                                  If you have an older version of DevExpress components installed (v19.1), you will need to correct the CSV file path to

                                  C:\Users\Public\Documents\DevExpress Demos 19.1\Components\WinForms\CS\ChartsMainDemo\Data\EURUSDDaily.csv

                                • Customer103467 01.15.2020


                                  Thanks for your patience. I succeed displaying those value.

                                  I noticed  Indicator.CrosshairLabelPattern  article explained Moving Average indicator with {AV}, {UV} and {LV}  placeholders.  But there's no infos for Bollinger Bands indicators.


                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 01.15.2020

                                  Good point. We will update the corresponding documentation article accordingly.