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                                  • I have a project importing a class from our legacy DB named "Person" and have a problem demonstrated with the included solution. The only thing in this demo is a very simple BO:

                                    [DefaultClassOptions] public class Person : BaseObject public string Height { get { return _height; } set { SetPropertyValue("Height", ref _height, value); } } }

                                    So is the image below the expected behavior? As you can see, even though Person is correctly under Solution1.Module.BusinessObject, the detail view has tried to generate the other Person found in the Business Class Library (which is not even imported in the module), although the Items node has correct properties.
                                    How can this be fixed? This problem propagates to the Application Model.


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                                Please refer to the S19870 - How to avoid the "There is already node with Id 'YourClassName_ListView" error when having several classes with the same name, but declared within different namespaces article to learn how to resolve this issue. Let me know in case any further questions arise.


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