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                                  •  foreach(var item in TableData.Data.Rows)   //TableData.Data.Rows refers to data of gridControl
                                                    var row = item as DataRow;
                                                    if (row.ItemArray[4].ToString() == date)
                                                       //gridControl1.SelectedItem = row;
                                                        // DataViewBase view = gridControl1.View;
                                                        //view.FocusedRow = row;
                                                        //view.FocusedRowHandle = Convert.ToInt32(row.ItemArray[0]);
                                                         GridTableView.FocusedRowHandle = Convert.ToInt32(row.ItemArray[0])-1;
                                                         Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(new Action(() => GridTableView.Focus()), DispatcherPriority.Loaded);
                                                         //GridTableView.FocusedColumn = PeakAnalysisGridControl.Columns.First();

                                                        //  view.Focus();


                                    This is the code i used for setting the selection of row. however I  getting focus of transparent background to first column since i m setting it to first column only.
                                    Instead i want it to be like selected  row with light blue colored background like normal behaviour of selection of row. How do i do it ?

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                                To deselect the first column, set the GridControl.CurrentColumn property to null. You can also set the TableView.NavigationStyle property to "Row". In this case, a user won't be able to select columns. Please refer to the Focus, Navigation, Selection help topic for additional information.