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                                  • Hello,

                                    I believe I'm missing something obvious, but I can't seem to figure out where to specify the root folder for the aspxspreadsheet control.  Whenever I make a change to an opened spreadsheet and attempt to save, I get the error that the root folder is not specified.

                                    I have a spreadsheet control in a callback panel.  The filename is stored in an aspxtreelist.

                                    <ClientSideEvents FocusedNodeChanged="function(s, e) {
                                    " />

                                        Private Sub cb1_Callback(sender As Object, e As CallbackEventArgsBase) Handles cb1.Callback
                                            Dim mykey As Integer = CInt(e.Parameter)
                                            Dim filename As String
                                            Dim mynode As TreeListNode = mytreelist.FindNodeByKeyValue(mykey)
                                            If Not mynode Is Nothing Then
                                                myspreadsheet.Visible = True
                                                filename = mynode.GetValue("FileName")
                                                myspreadsheet.Visible = False
                                            End If
                                        End Sub

                                    The spreadsheet opens fine.  But when I attempt to save a change, I get the error that the root folder is not specified.  All I want to do is overwrite the document that is already opened.

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                                I think I figured it out.  The WorkDirectory was set in the control properties, but the folder did not exist.  After creating the folder, I was able to make some progress.

                                I  needed to create:


                                • Nataly (DevExpress Support) 12.03.2019

                                  This is great news that the issue was resolved, Marc. Thank you for informing me about your progress.