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                                  • Hi all,

                                    i have a new problem now with the PropertyGridControl...

                                    As suggested in a previous ticket, i made an inheritor of PropertyGridControl in order to hide the EditorBorderCore of a RepositoryItemHypertextLabel, and it looks very nice. The problem is that now i cannot place it with an horizontal alignment different from the one used for the Header of the PropertyGridControl.

                                    What i want to achieve, which can be seen in the string row in the attached project, is having the header caption aligned on the right (Far), and the row editors all aligned on the left (Near) (without editor box around it, of course).

                                    When i hide the EditorBorder around the RepositoryItemHypertextLabel, it stops aligning Near, and aligns itself Far. I tried overriding it but the best i got is to override appearance on the editor itself, but then it works only when it is selected.
                                    This also happens with the generic RepositoryItemTextEdit, by the way.

                                    Also, removing the box causes a misalignment of the remaining text compared to the Header caption on the Y position.

                                    Is there any way to have the editor aligning independently from the header caption when the EditorBorder is hidden, just like usual editors?

                                    thank you in advance

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                                The alignment is not applied correctly because of setting the PropertyGridControl.Appearance.RowHeaderPanel.TextOptions.HAlignment property to Far. This option unexpectedly affects alignment of cell text. I will pass this behavior to our R&D team for further investigation in the scope of a new thread (PropertyGridControl - The Appearance.RowHeaderPanel property settings are applied to cell text in the OfficeView style).

                                In the meantime, to avoid this shortcoming, comment out setting this option.

                                During investigating this behavior, we have also found another shortcoming (PropertyGridControl - There is no way to customize appearance settings of individual rows by using the BaseRow.Appeareance property in the OfficeView style), which I have also passed to our developers.

                                We will update these reports once we have results.