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                                  • Hi

                                    I got language specific dashboard and added an dashboard navigation item where the DashboardTitle is het default en dashboard.
                                    the user has a language preference.

                                    If created an windowviewcontroller and try to change the DashboardTitle to the correct dashboard with te language id.

                                    private void ShowNavigationItemController_NavigationItemCreated(object sender, NavigationItemCreatedEventArgs e) { if (e.NavigationItem.Id == NavigationGroupCaption) { var user = SecuritySystem.CurrentUser as ExtendedUser; if (user == null) return; if (user.SelectedLanguage == null) return; var dashboardNavigation = e.ModelNavigationItem as IModelDashboardNavigationItem; var title = dashboardNavigation.DashboardTitle.Split('-'); dashboardNavigation.DashboardTitle = title[0] + '-' + user.SelectedLanguage.QlabCode; } }
                                    private void SubscribeToEvents() { navigationController = Frame.GetController<ShowNavigationItemController>(); if (navigationController != null) { navigationController.NavigationItemCreated += ShowNavigationItemController_NavigationItemCreated; navigationController.CustomGetStartupNavigationItem += NavigationController_CustomGetStartupNavigationItem; navigationController.CustomShowNavigationItem += NavigationController_CustomShowNavigationItem; } }

                                    But it seems not to work.

                                • Uriah (DevExpress Support) 12.02.2019

                                  Hi Steve,

                                  Would you please clarify what you mean by the language-specific dashboard?

                                • Steve Mangelschots 12.02.2019

                                  With language-specific i mean that the datasource has records that are specific and that the captions and field name have different values according to the language.

                                  for now i create 3 dashboards that are identical in layout but not in caption.
                                  Is there a better way of doing this?

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                                Thank you for your clarification, Steve. In this case, it's necessary to customize the navigation item Data property to set the correct shortcut to the required dashboard. For example:

                                string lang = "fr"; void navigationItemCreated(object sender, NavigationItemCreatedEventArgs e) { IModelDashboardNavigationItem modelItem = e.ModelNavigationItem as IModelDashboardNavigationItem; if (modelItem != null) { Type dashboardDataType = DashboardsModule.FindDashboardDataType(Application); using (IObjectSpace os = Application.CreateObjectSpace(dashboardDataType)) { object obj = os.FindObject(dashboardDataType, new BinaryOperator("Title", modelItem.DashboardTitle + "-" + lang)); if (obj != null) { ViewShortcut viewShortcut = new ViewShortcut(DashboardsModule.DashboardDetailViewName, os.GetKeyValueAsString(obj)); e.NavigationItem.Data = viewShortcut; e.NavigationItem.Active.SetItemValue(DashboardNavigationController.DashboardNotFoundKey, true); } } } }