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                                  • Hi,
                                    I am upgrading from devExpress 18.2.7 to 19.2.3. I an using a button to show chart wizard window for designing chart.
                                    I observed that in DevEx 19.2.3 ChartWizard class is obsolete and it suggests to use ChartDesigner class instead. But when I used the ChartDesigner class, it opened Chart Designer window and not the Chart Wizard Window.

                                    So please let me know whether Chart Wizard Window going to be deprecated in future? Should we use ChartDesigner class for 19.2 onward or continue with ChartWizard class?

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                                We marked the Chart Wizard as obsolete because we also provide Chart Designer (available in v15.1 and later versions) that replaces the Chart Wizard functionality.
                                We recommend you enable the Chart Designer option in your current and future projects because the Chart Designer is in maintenance mode. While we do not plan to completely remove the Chart Wizard from our code, we do not update its layout according to the new ChartControl features.

                                P.S. The Chart Designer was built to provide an easy way to complete most common chart layout customization scenarios. If you have already tried to use Chart Designer to configure your chart layout and noticed certain show stoppers, feel free to share your feedback with us. We are always open to suggestions on how to make the design-time experience easier and more convenient.