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                                  • We have subclassed the GridView and are trying to set the grid header panels icon at runtime in the view ctor as follows:

                                                    Appearance.HeaderPanel.Options.UseImage = true;
                                                    Appearance.HeaderPanel.Image = DevExpress.Images.ImageResourceCache.Default.GetImage("images/support/info_16x16.png");

                                    This does not work, despite a valid image having been obtained.

                                    I then found your KB article here:

                                    So tried sinking the CustomDrawColumnHeader event instead. That did work for me for normal grid columns, but it does not fire for the HeaderPanel 'column'

                                    Please advise.

                                • Dmitry Tor (DevExpress Support) 11.13.2019

                                  To provide you with the most suitable solution, I need to better understand your task. Would you please provide me with a screenshots to illustrate the desired result? It will allow us to find a precise solution for you much faster.
                                  I hope to hear from you soon.

                                • Customer98741 11.14.2019

                                  We want to place an icon in the Grid HeaderPanel here:

                                  Because we have it set up to provide a right-click menu:

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                                Form what I gather, you need to set an icon in the indicator column header. If so, you need to manually draw the required icon in the GridView.CustomDrawRowIndicator event handler. For example:

                                private void GridView1_CustomDrawRowIndicator(object sender, DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Grid.RowIndicatorCustomDrawEventArgs e) { if (e.Info.Kind == DevExpress.Utils.Drawing.IndicatorKind.Header) { e.DefaultDraw(); e.Handled = true; e.Cache.DrawImage(Properties.Resources.InfoIcon, e.Info.Bounds); } }

                                Please try this approach and let us know your results.

                                • Customer98741 11.14.2019

                                  Properties.Resources.InfoIcon does not resolve to anything – however, by replacing it with DevExpress.Images.ImageResourceCache.Default.GetImage("images/support/info_16x16.png") it now works perfectly.

                                  Thanks for the swift response.

                                • Igor (DevExpress Support) 11.14.2019

                                  You are always welcome.