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                                  • Hi Support,

                                    Am trying the following code to set the foreColor of Column Header Text but not works during run-time and also when i try to Export of the grid data to Excel the fore-color also not applying.

                                                For Each column As GridColumn In gridView1.Columns
                                                    column.AppearanceHeader.ForeColor = Color.Blue
                                                Next column

                                    Please find the sample project for your reference. Please suggest where am wrong.

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                                Starting with version 18.2, our components support Skin Colors (refer to the WinForms - Skin Colors and LookAndFeel (v18.2) blog to learn more about this feature). When a background color is specified, the foreground color is automatically adjusted to improve readability. So, your color is ignored in your case. You can disable this behavior if you set the WindowsFormsSettings.AutoCorrectForeColor property to DefaultBoolean.False.

                                As for printing, I have created a separate ticket to discuss this behavior with our developers: GridView - The GridColumn.AppearenceHeader.ForeColor property is ignored when data is exported. We will update that thread when we make any progress.