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                                  • Hello DX,

                                    Following the recent GITR discussion about the Validation Message Dialog. I decided to tweak the detail view layout. It seemed that whatever icon I used in the DetailView, it was always replaced at runtime. I dug a bit and found the culprit. The ValidationResultsShowingController uses hardcoded image names inside the private ShowValidationError method.

                                    private void ShowValidationError(DevExpress.Persistent.Validation.ValidationCompletedEventArgs e) { ValidationMessageShowingEventArgs validationMessageShowingEventArgs = new ValidationMessageShowingEventArgs(e); if (ValidationMessageShowing != null) { ValidationMessageShowing(this, validationMessageShowingEventArgs); } if(validationMessageShowingEventArgs.Cancel) return; DetailView view = Application.CreateDetailView(Application.CreateObjectSpace(typeof(ValidationResults)), "RuleSetValidationResult_ByTarget_Error_DetailView", true, new ValidationResults(e.Result, Application.Model)); string dialogImageName = "State_Validation_Invalid_48x48"; if(e.Result.ValidationOutcome == ValidationOutcome.Warning) { dialogImageName = "State_Validation_Warning_48x48"; e.Exception = new ValidationException(e.Result); // ....

                                    This is nothing dramatic, I can simply add another ViewItem for now, but this is something you might want to consider when you rework the validation message dialog. For example I do not use 48x48 icons in my app. Perhaps virtual GetXXXValidationImageName in that controller?


                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 11.09.2019

                                  Hello Alex,

                                  Thank you for your feedback - we will take your scenario into account when planning related enhancements.

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