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                                  • We would like to group a master grid, by a column in the detail grid. We have attached a code snippet and a video for specifying the same.
                                    From the code snippet, the requirement was to group the employees (master grid) based on the priority field present in the detail grid. For this, we would like to drag the column in the detail grid and drop the same in the group panel of the master grid (Shown in the video).
                                    Also since there will be multiple priority for a single employee, after grouping the employees based on the priority, it is preferred to show the same employee in multiple priority.
                                    It would be great if you can share, how this can be achieved using the DevExtreme Grid.
                                    Please let us know if you require any further information on this.
                                    Please find the below link for the code snippet.
                                    Please find the below link for the video.

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                                Hi Anup,

                                Our DataGrid does not provide this functionality and we do not have examples where a similar functionality is implemented.

                                Let me know if you have further questions.