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                                  • Hello,

                                    I am using SplashScreenService and FrameNavigationService in my project. In my SplashScreenService I set ShowSplashScreenOnLoading to True.

                                    <dx:DXSplashScreenService SplashScreenType="splashscreen:SplashScreenView" ShowSplashScreenOnLoading="True"/>

                                    In same viewmodel I am using EventToCommand to raise Command while Loaded event is raised.

                                    <dxmvvm:EventToCommand EventName="Loaded" Command="{Binding LoadedCommand}" />

                                    When loaded command is raised, navigationService navigates to the default view. Unfortunately, during the start, there is some time between the moment when splashscreen is hidden and the moment when view is loaded into navigation frame. I would like to keep the loading screen shown till the view is loaded. Is there any possibility to hide the splashscreen when the view is loaded? I know that you can use FrameNavigationService with ShowSplashScreen="True", but this is not helping here.

                                    Thank you in advance,

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                                DXSplashScreenService provides the ShowSplashScreen and HideSplashScreen methods to manually show and hide the splash screen. You can use them to manually control when your splashscreen should be shown and hidden rather than using the ShowSplashScreenOnLoading property. Note that you can globally register a DXSplashScreenService instance and access it, for example, as described in the How to use DXSplashScreenService without a DX ViewModel thread or use our Messenger class to send messages between different ViewModels, which aren't directly bound to each other.
                                Please try this approach on your side and provide us with your results.


                                • Dalibor Stys 11.08.2019


                                  I instantiated splashscreenservice in App.xaml and I am showing splashscreen in OnStartup method of App.xaml.cs. Then I used eventtocommand behavior in my UserControl (to which I am navigating when application is started) to invoke command, which hide the splashscreen. Result is satisfying for me.

                                  Thank you for your support,

                                • Kirill (DevExpress Support) 11.08.2019

                                  I'm happy to hear that you've resolved the issue.