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                                  • Hello,

                                    T‍his is a general question regarding ASP.NET Core versus DevExtreme JS.

                                    Is there any benefit of using ASP.NET Core as apposed to DevEtrreme with regards to performance e.g. is the one
                                    m‍ore optimal and offloads work on the server?

                                    We have a license for both ASP.NET Core and DevExtreme but opted to use DevExtreme primarily and only use
                                    t‍he portions which are not available in DevExtreme. I prefer a more loose coupling as this gives me the option to replace ASP.NET Core with
                                    either Java or Python etc. Keeping my options open always seems to be a better choice.

                                    But I would like to understand this better and would like to hear if there are any benefits with the DevExpress ASP.NET core controls offer
                                    as apposed to the Javascript counter parts.

                                    Thank you.

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                                The DevExtreme-Base ASP.NET Core Controls are not strictly connected to the server side implementation. Basically, they are wrappers of the DevExtreme JS components and have the same functionality. The only difference is that it's more convenient to use them in Razor Views or Razor Pages due to their syntax. Performance statistics should be similar for the DevExtreme JS and ASP.NET Core controls with the same configuration and data.

                                The Office-Inspired ASP.NET Core Controls have some specific server-side API members specially designed for the ASP.NET Core platform.

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