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                                  • With the release of v19.1.7 today, I've noticed a new installer added to my download center: .NET Core Desktop Product Installer
                                    I have 2 questions:

                                    1. What is it exactly? Is it a replacement for the NuGet feed?
                                    2. Can it be installed alongside the standard DevExpress Component Installer?

                                    Any details about the new installer would be appreciated.

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                                This installer includes WinForms (CTP) and WPF components, as well as libraries for .NET Core 3.0. Yes, this is an alternative to using our NuGet Feed for .NET Core 3.0 controls. .NET Core Desktop Product Installer is a separate installer, so you can install it together with our DevExpress Component Installer for .NET Framework or separately.
                                Please let us know if you have further questions.