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                                  • I have added a bootstrap tabset to a page on our site.
                                    Several of the tabs contain grids and the issue I am having is that when the grid is not on the main tab, the data section of the grid is covered by some grey background color.
                                    I have attached an image.
                                    In the image you can see the three rows of data under the grey background.
                                    Why is the grid data being covered up?

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                                It is difficult to determine the exact cause of this behavior without a sample project. This may occur because for various reasons. For example, grid dimensions could be calculated incorrectly because it is an invisible tab. We discussed a similar issue in the ASPxVerticalGrid calculates its size incorrectly if it's placed inside the non-active tab of the Bootstrap Tab Panel thread. Please apply the solution that was suggested there. If this does not help, send me the problematic page markup and related CSS files for research.