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                                  • Hello,

                                    I am having a issue with a the blazor combobox not working. Here is how I am using it

                                    var list = FirstObject.SecondObject.ItemsList.Where(x => x.ReferralSubTypeUniqueIdentifier != default(Guid)).ToList(); <DxComboBox Data="list" TextFieldName="name" @bind-SelectedItems="@nameOfPerson"></DxComboBox>

                                    Where Subtype list looks like the following

                                    public class ItemList { public ItemList(); public Guid id{ get; set; } public long longNumber{ get; set; } public string name{ get; set; } } }

                                    But I keep getting the error in the console when I try to render as attached. Please help

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                                As I see, you use the SelectedItems property of our DxComboBox. I would like to note that DxComboBox doesn't provide such a property. I recommend you use the SelectedItem property instead. It works properly on my side, see the sample project which I attached to this post. If this information doesn't help you to resolve this issue, please modify my sample to illustrate this issue and send it back to me.


                                • Customer87630 10.21.2019

                                  That fixed it thank you

                                • Vova (DevExpress Support) 10.22.2019

                                  You are welcome!