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                                  • Hi,

                                    When I have one date field in my data, I make that the COLUMN for the pivot table and group by year, month or quarter. But what if I have 2 date columns. Basically a date range (from and to dates) that I need to make as my COLUMN. Can you please let me know how I can achieve this?

                                    Example -

                                    from date       to date            amount

                                    1/1/2019         2/2/2019          450

                                    I am not sure which date field to use as column in this case. I cannot use just from date as I will miss out Feb month in the pivot grid.

                                    Thank you!

                                • Alisher (DevExpress Support) 10.21.2019

                                  Hello Sushma,

                                  Your final task is unclear to me. Please describe your scenario in greater detail. In addition, create a simple runnable example demonstrating what fields you have in the data source and how the PivotGrid widget is customized so that I can examine it.
                                  I hope to hear from you soon.

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                                I think I figured it out. Thanks!