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                                  • Dear support,

                                    I often came across the situation, when the focus is moved away from the current grid table and then is re-focused again. And when this happens, it often occurs that a single cell on the selected row will be 'highlighted'. (see the attached screenshot) This happens even though the grid is not in edit mode, and single-cell shouldn't be focused at all.

                                    I think in our app we have CSS rule set to show the focus cell outline, but it should only work in edit mode.

                                    I have tried the focus-overlay CSS rule, it will allow me to change the border properties, but don't know how to bypass this overlay is the grid is not in edit mode..

                                    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



                                • Maxim (DevExpress Support) 10.18.2019

                                  You can change CSS as described in dxDataGrid - How to avoid focusing non-editable cells on a Tab click. In CSS rules you can set transparent colors to remove the focused cell. Does this solution meet your requirements?

                                • Customer65788 10.21.2019

                                  hi Maxim,

                                  Since sometimes a cell is focused even though the table is not in edit mode. In this case, is there a generic method to allow us to remove the focus from the cell?

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                                To achieve your goal, set the widget's useKeyboard property to true. Since this property is private, I suggest that you use the widget's defaultOptions method to set it:

                                import DataGrid from "devextreme/ui/data_grid"; ... constructor( ... ) { DataGrid.defaultOptions({ device: { deviceType: "desktop" }, options: { useKeyboard: false, } }); }

                                Note that in version 19.2, this version will be deprecated. In version 19.2, use a public keyboardNavigation.enabled option instead.