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                                  • We have worked hard and almost successfully to get our application to appear correctly in various display settings on Windows. Throughout our fairly complex GUI application, we use TdxLayotuControl objects and they are awesome--and have worked well.

                                    But in one frame, when the display settings are not 100%, the fonts and editors are resized wrong--even though in other frames on the form they appear correctly.

                                    See the attached images--in Image1, the controls appear correctly. In image 2, there are three frames owned by a form and the controls appear correctly in two out of three of the frames--but I don't know what is causing the problems with frame #1. Some of the editors are right, some are not.

                                    Just testing, I put a couple of controls on frame #2 and they appear correctly (see image 2).

                                    Any suggestions on what to look at? I thought maybe you might have seen something like this.

                                    Thank you

                                    Ed Dressel

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                                I found the culprit--"ParentFont = False".

                                I searched for my DFMs and found a number of occurrences throughout the software. Many times it doesn't affect the fonts but in some places, it does significantly.