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                                  • Hi.
                                    We are using GanttView of TcxScheduler and we are trying to edit an event Description using TreeBrowser with no luck. TreeBrowser let us write an chage Description but change is not applied to database linked record, on BeforePost Event of Dataset the value hasn't change and if we try to read description from TreeBrowser it seems to have the original value.
                                    Can you provide us some advice about what to change to allow TreeBrowser to change event description?

                                    Thanks in advance

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 10.08.2019


                                  Do you mean the "Caption" column? I have tested this behavior with the latest version of our controls (19.1.5). In my demo the underlying data set is updated when I edit TreeBrowser columns. Would you please modify the attached example so we can replicate your scenario?

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                                Thanks for your help.
                                We have updated our version to 19.1.5 and after building the project now we can edit tasks captions (and other fields too) using the tree.