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                                  • We changed the way the DateBox width is calculated. Previously, it could be either specified, or calculated based on the sum of the maximum date width in the chosen format and the combined width of all the enabled buttons. This contradicted the behavior of other text-based editors and forced you to apply various workarounds to adjust the DateBox width.

                                    2019-10-01_16-29-08 (2).png

                                    Starting with 19.2, the DateBox behavior is adjusted in accordance with the behavior of other text-based editors. Now, if the DateBox’s width is not specified, it occupies 100% of the parent container, as other editors do. Now, you do not need to specify the DateBox width to match other editors' width in the form. To revert to the previous behavior, specify the DateBox's width directly.

                                    2019-10-01_16-32-06 (2).png

                                    We also changed the display mode of the validation icon. Previously, it was always displayed along with the Calendar button in case validation failed. When the container’s width was small, the date was truncated according to the validation icon appearance.


                                    Starting with 19.2, the validation icon will not be displayed if there is not enough space left after the date and all the enabled buttons are shown. In case the validation icon is not displayed, only the red frame will signal that the validation has failed.


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