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                                  • Hi,
                                    I tried to make transition for my core v.2.2 (fully functional) app to .net core v.3.0.
                                    I changed projects files, nuget packages, some constructors in program.cs/startup.cs and everything seems ok. Solution builds ok.
                                    I  tried to start, and everything start up well (pages not related to devexpress controls) BUT when i tried to initialize my reports page I got argument exception in

                                    public Report0001()  

                                    method in my ,repx file.
                                    ArgumentException: Resource 'Reports.ApplicationCore.Reports.Report0001.repx' not found. (Parameter 'assemblyResourceName')

                                    I checked report (code is same as before, designer open .resx file with no problem) as also related classes and namespaces and everything is on its place as it should be. This report is embedded resource in .net core project (which I generate on controller and return to mvc view).
                                    See attachment.

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                                The issue occurs because the mechanism of working with embedded resources in ASP.NET Core 3 differs from ASP.NET Core 2. To resolve the issue add the following line to your project file:

                                <Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Web"> <PropertyGroup> <EmbeddedResourceUseDependentUponConvention>false</EmbeddedResourceUseDependentUponConvention> ... </PropertyGroup> ... </Project>
                                • Robert Merksa 09.26.2019

                                  Thank you!

                                • Andrey (DevExpress Support) 09.26.2019

                                  You're welcome.