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                                  • Previously, Intl localization utilities were distributed as a standalone module.

                                    Since v19.2, they are included in the DevExtreme bundle and no longer need to be referenced or imported separately. Remove the following import statement:

                                        import 'devextreme-intl';

                                    or reference:

                                        <script src=""></script>;

                                    Now, localization is always enabled, provided that the browser supports Intl. Consider an example when you set the locale but do not import any localization engine:

                                        import { locale } from 'devextreme/localization';  
                                        import DateBox from 'devextreme/ui/dxDateBox';  
                                        new DateBox('.my-element', { value: new Date() });  

                                    In v19.1, date-time and numeric values were formatted in the default locale (English).

                                    In v19.2, these values are formatted in the specified locale (Deutsch in this example) if Intl is supported natively or via a polyfill. Otherwise, the values are formatted in the default English locale.

                                    The decimalSeparator and thousandsSeparator fields of the globalConfig object are no longer applied. To revert to the previous behavior, you can call the localization.disableIntl() method, but we recommend setting the locale so that the separators are selected based on it.
                                    There are no TypeScript declarations for the disbaleIntl method. Cast the localization object type as any to use this method in TypeScript.

                                        import * as localization from "devextreme/localization";
                                        (localization as any).disableIntl();

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