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                                  • Hello support team.
                                    I have problem as decribed in title.
                                    I connected grid control datasource to  class that have child class.
                                    My class is like
                                    class Schema{
                                      public BindingList<Assignment> childClassBindingList;
                                    public class Assignment
                                      //Have many string feild
                                    And like attached picture, Assignment field have too many string to show all column in one page So it has horizontal scorllbar.
                                    I want to show columns in 2 or more line So All Assignment column can be shown without horizontal scrollbar like Column Customization or Advanced Banded Views in devexpress demo.
                                    But because I connect only Schema class to datasource and not edited gridcontrol level(Above class is example and because in actual, I have many fileld in Schema and They all have child class under 6 generation) , So  I can't use tutorial for advanced banded view to apply to my gridcontrol level.
                                    Can I know way to acheive my purpose?  Thanks for your help.

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                                You can customize a view that is used for each detail level at design time as required. For that, you need to create your detail levels using our Level Designer. In particular, the levels can be generated automatically: bind your Schema class to the GridControl and click the Retrieve Details button.
                                Then, you will be able to create the necessary view and customize it according to your scenario. See the Master-Detail Relationships article to know how to work with the Master-Detail feature.
                                Please check it out and let us know if you need further assistance.

                                • Jinseop Kim 09.23.2019

                                  Thank you. Your solution worked !

                                • Vladislav (DevExpress Support) 09.24.2019

                                  You are always welcome, Jinseop.