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                                  • attached is a pdf with my printed report.  you can see in the red circle that the words in red "Location:" show up because there is a location "On the wall".  the other line items don't have the word "Location:" because the value is null for that item which is [Traveler].[Row].

                                    so this works correctly but when the "Location:" is not visible, neither is the under line for the table Cell.

                                    how would I correct this?

                                • Andrey (DevExpress Support) 09.23.2019

                                  It looks like the issue occurs because the following fields in your data source are always empty: Alternate_Qty, Alternate_Purchase_Order, Alternate_Part_Number. So when you hide the control that contains the 'Location' text, the current row in a report is not printed. If you want to keep empty space when a table row doesn't show any data, you can set the XRTableCell.CanShrink property to False for each table in a row.
                                  If the mentioned fields contain data, please provide me with a runnable sample project illustrating the issue in action. This will help me find the cause of the issue.

                                • Dave Hampel 10.09.2019

                                  Is it possible to have a cell set to shrink even if there is text in the cell but shrink if nothing is in the adjacent cell?

                                • Andrey (DevExpress Support) 10.10.2019

                                  To accomplish this task, you can use the approach described in the Conditionally Suppress Controls help topic. Please try it and let me know your result.

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