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                                  • Hello,

                                    We have a XtraTabsControl where we add TabPages dynamically and set the Header.BackColor. We just recently upgraded from 18.1.5 to 19.1.6 and all of the colors now look like they have a gray mask/gradient over them (I have checked that they do not). I have attached the new and old images.

                                    The code is very simple:

                                    DevExpress.XtraTab.XtraTabPage tabPage = this.tabsSegmentCriteria.TabPages.Add( tabCaption ); tabPage.Appearance.Header.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Beige;

                                    We are using the VS 2013 skin, but grabbing the skin and doing a currentSkin.TranslateColor(System.Drawing.Color.Beige) has no effect. Also, the different themes still have the issue of being darker/muted. We have lots of other colors in the app, and it appears that only the XtraTab headers have the issue.

                                    I have looked at this ticket: with no luck. Also, the AutoCorrectForeColor property doesn't seem to have an effect.

                                    Any help would be appreciated,

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                                Hello Jonathan,

                                Thank you for sharing your screenshots with us.
                                You found a correct ticket where we have already discussed this behavior - XtraTabControl - Tab headers are not properly colorized. As Svetlana mentioned in that thread, "Since sometime ago we supported vector skins, we had to use a universal colorization mechanism for all our skin elements. That is why starting with version 18.2.1, we have changed the colorization mechanism for tab headers". That is why the tab control's page headers have changed colors in the newest version. Now, the colors specified in the Appearance settings are mixed with the tab header skin image.
                                So, you have two ways to avoid this behavior:
                                1) Disable skin painting by choosing another PaintStyleName for your XtraTabControl. In this case, colors from the Appearance property will be used as is.
                                2) Create a custom light skin and customize the Tab -> Tab Header -> Tab Header element as I illustrated in comments of the mentioned thread.

                                Also, I would recommend that you consider using our Vector Themes. With using these skins, tab pages will have expected background color without additional actions.
                                Please check it out and let us know if you need further assistance.