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                                  • Hi DevExpress Support!

                                    Is it possible to use one string in a string MultiValue Parameter in a label Expression.
                                    Something like:
                                    Label1 Expression: ?parameter[0]
                                    Label2 Expression: ?parameter[1]........ and so on.

                                    I need to pass a lots of string to headers in a report and I dont want to have 100 parameters. Thats why I was thinking that it should be possible to somehow send a list of strings.

                                    Tobias Johansson

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                                Hi Tobias,
                                Whenever you bind your report to a multi-value report parameter, it's rendered in the preview as a list of separated values (the separator character is taken from the current culture settings). It is not possible to access each value individually as there is no "indexer" operator available in our Criteria Language Syntax.
                                Having mentioned this, I believe you'll be able achieve the desired goal by introducing a custom criteria function, let's call it ParseMultiValueParameter, and define the label's text with the following Binding Expression: ParseMultiValueParameter(?parameter1, 10) .
                                More information about custom functions can be found here: Custom Functions.

                                Please try this solution and let us know if there are any difficulties with its implementation.


                                • Tobias Johansson 09.21.2019

                                  Hi Yaroslav!

                                  That did the work!

                                  I think it would be a good idea for you guy's to implement this function . I'm guessing that there's others than me using parameters/expressions like this.

                                  Thank's for the help and your great support!