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                                  • I found that search (from the search panel) does not work as expected for numeric fields in BindToEF/BindToLINQ mode.
                                    I attached a sample project to demonstrate the issue.

                                    In the sample you can see two grids connected to the same List.
                                    The left grid uses Bind method while the right one uses BindToEF/BindToLINQ.

                                    If you type in the search panel "5" you will see the left grid shows correct results as expected and the right grid shows only two records where "Decimal 2" column equals to 5. The result has to be the same but it is not.

                                    In the real-life project I did SQL trace and found that AllowFilterBySearchPanel does not affect generated SQL request and it always looks like "Numeric_Column_1" = "SearchValue" OR "Numeric_Column_2" = "SearchValue" OR... instead of Contains.


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                                This behavior is related to the design of the Server Mode binding. In this mode, all data operations are performed at the database level, and filtering by display text is not supported - see Database Server Mode Limitations for details.

                                A filter condition depends on a field value. For numeric types, it is Equals, and it is not possible to use the Contains condition here. As a result, the grid returns only those records that satisfy this condition. I am afraid it is impossible to overcome this limitation.

                                Probably, you can try using the Custom Binding scenario and manually handle all data operations. Please refer to the following threads for details:
                                Custom Data Binding
                                Custom Data Binding (Advanced)
                                Custom Binding Limitations