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                                  • Since the last update, every time I modify a line, the editor is producing the incorrect text.  I'm using VS 2019 - VB.NET
                                    For example (see attached):
                                    I was working on a function and on the last line, called another function.  I realized that I had forgotten to code the "Return" statement.
                                    So I moved my cursor to the start of the line and began to type "Return [space]".  Now my cursor was immediately before the call to the 2nd function (which was a "Search" call, so when I was typing the "Return" statement it was combined together (see attachment, step 2).  Then, when I entered the "[Space]" to separate  "Return" from "Search", the problem occurred.  Instead of giving me "Return Search (.....)", I got just the "Return (...)"  (again, see attached, step 3).
                                    Please help... It was that big of a deal.... until you notice it happens every time.... definitely not helping my productivity..

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 09.13.2019

                                  Hello Mark,

                                  Thank you for pointing this issue out and providing the screencast.
                                  I managed to reproduce this issue on my side.
                                  We will notify you as soon as we fix it.

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                                • Mark Dietsch 09.19.2019

                                  I got an email saying "We have published a hotfix for the issue. ".... I'm not seeing any way of downloading it.

                                  Can you send me the link?


                                • Alexander K (DevExpress) 09.19.2019

                                  Hi Mark,

                                  We have published the 19.1.9 CodeRush update that contains the fix of this issue. It is available to download in Visual Studio Marketplace and Download Manager.