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                                  • By default, when a user clicks a calendar (MonthView) cell, the cell turns a light gray. The user can also drag a selection of multiple cells and they all turn light gray. Additionally, after I get done closing a custom dialog box for an appointment, the cells related to the appointment's date range all turn the same light gray.

                                    I don't want to show the light gray at all. How can I disable this selection color or change it to Transparent? I only want the user to be able to interact with appointments on the Calendar, not the cells behind them.

                                    Thanks for your help in advance.

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                                I figured this out. Unfortunately, the lack of UWP documentation makes this stuff pretty difficult. I hope this documentation can get better like some of the other component flavors. Here is how I accomplished this in App.cs:

                                ThemeManager.GenericColorScheme.AllScopes.SchedulerViewColors [SchedulerViewColorKeys.MonthViewCellBackgroundSelected] = Colors.White;
                                • Andrey Marten (DevExpress Support) 09.12.2019


                                  I'm happy to hear that you've found a solution. Thank you for keeping us informed.

                                  As for our help topics, we are constantly working on them. I see that the related documentation article is already available here: Color Scheme Customization. I'll appreciate it if you share your thoughts about what we can add here to make it easier to use the related functionality. Thank you in advance.


                                • Ben Callister 09.12.2019

                                  Hi Andrey,

                                  Thanks for the response. The color scheme mechanism is good. The problem is that there is no easy inventory of the various items that you can change. It took me several hours to figure out where I could change this color. It would be nice if the documentation had an easier inventory of all the various items that could be colorized and a visual depicting them on your control(s).

                                  Anything to help me move from 2-3 hours down to 2-3 minutes is appreciated for something simple like a color change.
                                  That said, I actually really do like the color changing mechanism.

                                • Andrey Marten (DevExpress Support) 09.12.2019

                                  Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I've forwarded them to our technical writers.
                                  Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.