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                                  • Hello DevExpress,

                                    If OptionsLayout.StoreAllOptions == true and OptionsLayout.LayoutVersion is set to non empty string
                                    LayoutUpgrade  event called even if no layout upgrade is performed (versions match) because LayoutVersion seems to be reset together with other properties just before deserializing a layout.
                                    This is unexpected behaviour, see " Note that the LayoutUpgrade event fires only if versions of the layout being loaded and the current control's layout do not match"

                                    I suppose the same problem may have e.g. XtraGrid


                                • Igor (DevExpress Support) 09.11.2019

                                  Hi Michal,

                                  I have reproduced the behavior you described and passed this ticket to our developers for further investigation. Please bear with us. We will notify you as soon as we make any progress.

                                  P.S. I also tested this scenario with GridView and this behavior is not reproduced.

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