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                                Hi Chris,

                                A general way to do this is to create a custom control template - see Button Styles and Templates. If you like, you can base your template on templates from our themes. If you're interested in this approach, refer to the How to find and change an inner DevExpress control template ticket for more information.

                                This approach is complex and requires extra coding on your side, so I hope that a standard button with one of our new themes (Office2016SE, VS2017, Office2019) will suite your needs. We used this approach in our sample in your T811184 ticket. The final appearance will be slightly different from HamburgerSubMenuPaneBackButton, but you can remove the button background in a normal state as we did in our sample. You can also remove the border by setting BorderThickness:

                                <Button HorizontalAlignment="Left" dx:ThemeManager.ThemeName="Office2016WhiteSE" Background="Transparent" BorderThickness="0" Click="HamburgerSubMenuPaneBackButton_Click"> <Image Source="{dx:DXImage Office2013/Navigation/Backward_32x32.png}" /> </Button>