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                                You should refresh the page.
                                  • When activating the right-click contextual menu, it remains active in the DetailRow section!

                                    For example, i included a CardView and a Schedular in the GridView DetailRow, and right-clicking on the CardView or on the Schedular AppointmentForm makes appearing the contextual menu of the parent GridView!

                                • Stanley (DevExpress Support) 09.09.2019


                                  ASPxCardView does not support the context menu. As for ASPxScheduler, I did not manage to reproduce the issue in a sample project - see the attachment. Would you please modify the project or provide me with exact steps to reproduce the issue?

                                • chris Mancini 09.09.2019

                                  Because you need to open an AppointmentForm first to face the problem!

                                  Concerning the CardView, the right click should not be fired i think (or how to catch it to avoid being opened?)
                                  Thank you

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                                Thank you for the clarification. I would like to note that detail rows belong to a master grid, but controls placed into the detail row template are separate controls. If a control placed into the detail row template provides the possibility of showing a context menu, it is shown instead of the master grid's context menu. Otherwise, the master grid's context will be shown due to event bubbling. This behavior is expected. To change it, I suggest you place the detail row template content to a container and assign the oncontextmenu event in the following manner:

                                ... <Templates> <DetailRow> <div id="detailRowContainer" oncontextmenu="onContextMenu(event)"> ... </div> </DetailRow> </Templates> ...
                                function onContextMenu(e) { e.cancelBubble = true; }


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                                • chris Mancini 09.10.2019

                                  Thank you for your suggestion, i will use it!

                                  Anyway, you should stop the bubbling by yourself in the case of the Scheduler AppointmentForm (cf. screenshot)

                                • Stanley (DevExpress Support) 09.11.2019


                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T813976: ASPxScheduler - How to prevent event bubbling in ASPxScheduler placed into the detail row template). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                • chris Mancini 09.11.2019

                                  In the same way, an ASPxFileManager should the stop the bubbling too, as it already has his contextual menu!
                                  The parent GridView contextual menu shows sometimes, depending on where the mouse was located on the control...

                                • Stanley (DevExpress Support) 09.11.2019

                                  Would you please modify the project I attached to my previous comment or send me another simple runnable project and a video illustrating the issue in action? This way, I can determine its cause and provide you with an appropriate solution.


                                • chris Mancini 09.11.2019

                                  The bubbling should be stopped by the ASPxFileManager as it's supporting the contextual menu.
                                  But in fact, WITHOUT ADDING A <DIV>, the ASPxFileManager is not correctly stopping the bubbling, depending on where the mouse is located on the control...

                                • Stanley (DevExpress Support) 09.12.2019


                                  As I mentioned earlier, this behavior is expected. This is how event bubbling works in the browser by default. You can also reproduce the same behavior if you place a simple "div" container into another one.
                                  Please note that ASPxGridView knows nothing about content placed into a template. It just renders them. At the same time, controls placed into a template are separate controls and they know nothing about the grid. Therefore, it is not possible to cover all cases and prevent event bubbling at the level of our controls.

                                  So, the only proper solution here is to place all the content into a container and prevent event bubbling at the container level.


                                • chris Mancini 09.13.2019

                                  ok thanks