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                                  • Hi,

                                    We are experiencing intermittent issues when running reports on our azure app site. When paging through a report we occasionally get a red message displaying "Internal Server Error" not always the same page and sometimes the page that had the error will render fine if you come back to it. We tried catching the exception by overriding the Error method in DevExpress.XtraReports.Web.ClientControls.LoggerService but this didn't log anything, we had to dig around in the devexpress js files to find the exception.

                                    What we found was the error message " Unexpected token F in JSON at position 65536" was being returned. I have attached the JSON response and you can see in the "base64string" property returned at position 65536 there is an unescaped value (i've attached an image) and the overall json response isnt properly closed.

                                    We have looked at but not implemented it yet as we are using .net core 3.0 (preview 8) we weren't 100% sure the issue was related to this or something else? If the issue is related to the aforementioned link can we have some guidance on how to implement this in a .net core solution as the documentation was around



                                • Vasily (DevExpress Support) 09.05.2019

                                  Hi Jay,
                                  We have reviewed the response data that you provided and we found that it is unfinished. This makes us think that this issue was caused by the fact that the request execution was terminated for some reason when it reached some limit. It looks like there may be some limit for JSON responses in your application's configuration. So, would you please clarify whether you have specified any response limits in your application's configuration? If possible, share us the code you are using to configure your application in Startup.cs file, so that we will be able to review your application's configuration on our side. Alternatively, provide us with a simple working project that illustrates the issue in action.

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                                Thanks Vasily,

                                We didn't have any setting limiting size of requests etc but we needed to add  <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength=xxxx and set it to a greater value than the default. The issue disappeared there after.

                                Thanks for your help