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                                  • Overview

                                    Before 19.2, DevExpress Web Dashboard imported the Globalize modules to format dates, numbers, and currencies.

                                    Starting from 19.2, Web Dashboard better integrates with DevExtreme and enables you to choose whether to localize date, number and currency values using Intl or Globalize. We recommend you use Intl, but you can continue using Globalize.

                                    Note that one of the libraries (Intl or Globalize) is required for the Web Dashboard control to provide correct number formating.

                                    Changes 1. The Web Dashboard uses Intl as a default library.
                                    2. The Web Dashboard does not import the devextreme/localization/globalize/* modules.  
                                    3. The dependencies of the devexpress-dashboard package are changed: globalize and devextreme-cldr-data are removed.

                                    Intl is a short name used to refer to a particular ECMAScript Internationalization API object.

                                    Globalize is an open source JavaScript library for internationalization and localization that leverage the official Unicode CLDR JSON data.

                                    Intl has several advantages over Globalize:

                                    1. Intl is a part of ECMAScript standard. You do not need to add any extra language resources to your page. In case of Globalize, you need to load cldr-data.
                                    2. Intl is easier to configure. (See documentation).
                                    3. You do not need to patch the tsconfig.json / config-overrides.js / webpack.config files to enable Globalize in a modular application.
                                    Affected platforms

                                    Changes affect only modular approach.  

                                    Changes does not affect ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Core platforms in case automatic script registration is enabled.

                                    Changes does not affect your application in the following cases:

                                    • when manual script registration is used for ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Core platforms.
                                    • if you use the approach with global namespaces for HTML JavaScript Control and Globalize scripts are included into your html page. In this case, you can choose whether to use Intl or Globalize in your application.
                                    Migration Guide

                                    For modular approach, when you migrate from 19.1 to 19.2, you need to perform the following changes to start using Intl instead of Globalize.

                                    Switch to Intl (recommended):

                                    1. Remove the following lines if they are present in your code:
                                    import "devextreme/localization/globalize/message"; import "devextreme/localization/globalize/number"; import "devextreme/localization/globalize/currency"; import "devextreme/localization/globalize/date";
                                    2. Replace the Globalize.locale method with the following code:
                                    import { locale } from 'devextreme/localization'; // ... export class DashboardComponent implements AfterViewInit, OnDestroy { private dashboardControl!: DashboardControl; constructor(private element: ElementRef) { // ... // Apply your culture: locale('de'); }
                                    3. Remove Globalize.load and code associated with them.
                                    4. Remove the Globalize integration from the tsconfig.json (compilerOption.paths) or config-overrides.js(config.resolve.alias) files.

                                    You can continue to use Globalize, but we do not recommend this approach.

                                    Continue to Use Globalize

                                    In 19.2, Globalize should be globally initialized in the application before 'devexpress-dashboard' is used:

                                    1. Install the following packages:
                                    npm install globalize@^1.0.1 devextreme\-cldr\-data@^1.0.2
                                    2. Import the globalize libraries before devexpress-dashboard is used:
                                    import "devextreme/localization/globalize/message"; import "devextreme/localization/globalize/number"; import "devextreme/localization/globalize/currency"; import "devextreme/localization/globalize/date"; import * as Globalize from 'globalize'; import { DashboardControl, ResourceManager } from 'devexpress\-dashboard';

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