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                                  • I recently wiped my system and reinstalled the OS and all my software.

                                    One of the tasks I needed to do was to import my CR Templates again.

                                    This is where I ran into the really annoying behavior.

                                    When I imported the file, it used part of the filename when it built the structure of the template tree.

                                    When I export my Templates I always add the date to the filename so I know hold old the templates are and I can keep multiple versions of the Templates.

                                    For example, I have my templates in a file called:


                                    In the XML the Name Attribute is simply "Warp10", so that's what I would expect it to import it as.  Instead it created a top folder of Warp10 and then a sub folder under that called "20190312" and put all the templates under that.

                                                         |____template A
                                                         |____template B

                                    It should have imported as:

                                         |____template A
                                         |____template B

                                    I had to rename the file and remove the 20190312 part from the file to get it to import the way it should.

                                    Please change this behavior.  If you need structure information you should be storing and reading it from the XML, not the filename.

                                • Artem L (DevExpress) 09.04.2019

                                  Thank you for pointing out this issue. We will fix it and let you know once the fix is ready.

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