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                                  • hi.
                                    I have some problem with install and use xtrareporting on mac os.
                                    On windows machine i am dowload trial  DevExpressUniversalTrialSetup-20190807.exe and it is working ok.
                                    I don't found how i can do it on mac os... IDE say me that don't found a nuget. May be you can provide working case for mac.
                                    On windows machine we have build - 19.1.5 (nuget)
                                    On Mac machine we have -18.1.2-beta (nuget)

                                    Thanx a lot.

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                                It seems that the same requirement was already discussed in the ASP.NET Core Reporting on Mac OS thread. Please refer to my reply in that thread to learn how to use our components on Mac OS. Also check the Install DevExpress Controls Using NuGet Packages documentation to learn how to install DevExpress NuGet packages by using our NuGet feed. Let us know if you have any further questions.