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                                  • Hello,
                                    I have a problem with the subject. In our application are two modes - an table mode and an form mode. In case of the table mode I need to show the table with all its columns (it is different from 2 to 500 maybe) stretched over all available space and in case of the form mode I need to show table just with selected subset of columns on the left side separated by the splitter from the right side where is showed all columns of the table but in some special form view structure. So, when the user tries to switch from the table mode the form mode, I have to hide some columns in the table, set AutoWidth of the table to true, set the exact width of the table part and show the from part and splitter. On the other hand if user tries to switch from the form mode to the table mode, I have to hide the form part and the splitter, set the table part width to max available space, set all columns visible and AutoWidth of the tableview to true. So far so good. But we had discovered that there is a huge performance penalty in case of switching from the form mode to table mode and it is probably related to setting the exact width of the table view part.
                                    I have prepared and attached some sample to better demonstrate the problem. Just run the app please and try to press the "Switch view" button several times. There is almost no difference in times between switching from a to the table mode. Now in MainWindow.xaml comment FAST section and uncomment any of the SLOW sections and perform the same steps and you will see the difference. In our real application it is even much more noticeable maybe because some complex cell templates and it takes about 10 seconds to switch to full table mode in case of table with cca 200 columns.
                                    Very thanks for help.

                                • Ivan (DevExpress Support) 08.27.2019

                                  Hello Miroslav,

                                  I've reproduced this extra delay and found a possible way to fix it on our side. We'll additionally research the implementation and let you know our results. We will notify you in this ticket.

                                • Miroslav Marek 1 08.27.2019

                                  Hello Ivan,
                                  I am really glad I have read that very thanks to you and your colleagues.

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