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                                  • [DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM T724892: How to run an XAF WinForms app under .NET Core 3.0 using Microsoft.NET.Sdk.WindowsDesktop SDK]

                                    **>>That leave me with one question for the team: is the current strategy packing everything into those 2 nuget packages (DevExpress.WindowsDesktop.Core and DevExpress.WindowsDesktop.Xaf) going to stay? Or is this just for the EAP?
                                    had the same in my mind today as i did a short test…
                                    What about if i only need a minimal set of references for example for our utilities library - which we sharee beteen win and web? i think i do not want to add DevExpress.WindowsDesktop.Core to this library ? thought there would be some smaller packages?

                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 08.23.2019

                                  Hello Noxe,

                                  Technically, you can reference this package in your utility library with no problem. Even for .NET Framework we ship larger packages like DevExpress.ExpressApp.Win.All.

                                  Note that you are not forced to include all unnecessary libraries into your installer - you can skip the libraries you do not need. You should only consider .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Core 3.0 Desktop code sharing specificities, which I described in NetCore3.0 Application and NetStandard2.0 Modules.
                                  How does it work for you?

                                • Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP 08.24.2019

                                  Thx Dennis - lets continue in T808990 ;)

                                • Dennis (DevExpress) 08.26.2019

                                  Manuel said in T724892:
                                  @Dennis: I know that we can use a custom installer to reduce application size, but isn't that wasteful? For example on build servers restoring almost 200MB is something that I rather would avoid. Providing a metapackage is absolutely fine for me (the team does the same) but they keep their packages small. Previous you provided packages for all assemblies in separate packages, so why now change the strategy with dotnet core? Besides application size, I think it's harder to share modules with the community (like eXpand).

                                  @Manuel: Our teams will surely take your feedback into account. We just have not considered it at this stage while there are more serious issues like missing design-time for WinForms components.

                                  BTW, it seems to be a quite common practice for many packages to include many assemblies into a single package. Look at []( These assemblies are also likely shared with other apps and thus should not take much to restore. How is this size problem critical for you right now?

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