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                                  • Hello,

                                    I guess, I found a bug.

                                    When I set startEditAction  of DataGrid to 'dblClick' and try to add a new row, the new row is not focused and it is not in edit mode.

                                    You can test it on your demo web page (
                                    When you change code in html from:

                                    <dxo-editing mode="batch" [allowUpdating]="true" [selectTextOnEditStart]="selectTextOnEditStart" [startEditAction]="startEditAction"> </dxo-editing>


                                    <dxo-editing mode="batch" [allowAdding]="true" [allowUpdating]="true" [selectTextOnEditStart]="selectTextOnEditStart" startEditAction="dblClick"> </dxo-editing>

                                    understood, I have set allowAdding to true and changed startEditAction to 'dblClick', and click Apply button, the resutl is, that when I want to add a new row (the grid plus button), the new row is not in edit mode. When startEditAction is deleted (or is set to 'click') a new row is in edit mode after adding.

                                    Can you help me with that please?

                                    Best Regards

                                • Romeo (DevExpress Support) 08.22.2019

                                  Hello Petr,

                                  Thank you for this information. We need additional time to investigate this issue. We will update this ticket once we have any news.


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