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                                  • When adding a multi-select parameter using a DevExpress End User Designer, when viewing the report, multi-select values for the parameter have to be checked off one-by-one (it does not allow using the keyboard Shift-key and then clicking another to select a group at once, like in MS Access, etc).  I looked through the properties of this multi-select parameter and there doesn't appear to be a setting or property to allow a group select using the shift key.

                                    Is there a way to select several values in mass (as with using the shift key)?  There are several values in the multi-select drop-down and checking one-by-one can be tedious & time consuming in many cases.  Hopefully there is a key combination, property, or setting to allow selecting several values within the mult-select parameter drop-down in mass (excluding the 'select all' box).

                                    Any tips or code scripts to accomplish this would be highly appreciated ...

                                    Thank you

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                                Thank you so much for sharing this idea with us. We definitely like it and do have plans to support it in the next major release of our components (all new features will be mentioned in 'What's new').

                                In the meantime, handle the XtraReport.ParametersRequestBeforeShow event and customize a multi-value parameter editor in the following manner:

                                private void XtraReport1_ParametersRequestBeforeShow(object sender, DevExpress.XtraReports.Parameters.ParametersRequestEventArgs e) { ((DevExpress.XtraEditors.CheckedComboBoxEdit)e.ParametersInformation[0].Editor).Properties.AllowMultiSelect = true; }


                                • Art Ramirez 08.23.2019

                                  I tried the script code provided and initially it seemed to work, but there is still an issue.  The control will now allow multiple values to be selected (or highlighted), but they won't be marked 'checked' (image attached).  So the end result of what is actually selected is what is checked, not what was multi-highlighted.

                                  Is there some extra property or code that will allow the values to be checked as they are highlighted with the SHIFT key?
                                  Any other ideas or recommendations?

                                  Thank you

                                • Jannet (DevExpress Support) 08.26.2019

                                  This is the default behavior of the CheckedComboBoxEdit control that is used to represent a multi-value drop-down parameter editor. If you want to simultaneously check selected items, handle its Popup event

                                  private void XtraReport1_ParametersRequestBeforeShow(object sender, DevExpress.XtraReports.Parameters.ParametersRequestEventArgs e) { DevExpress.XtraEditors.CheckedComboBoxEdit checkedComboBoxEdt = (DevExpress.XtraEditors.CheckedComboBoxEdit)e.ParametersInformation[0].Editor; //... checkedComboBoxEdt.Popup += CheckedComboBoxEdt_Popup; } private void CheckedComboBoxEdt_Popup(object sender, EventArgs e) { CheckedComboBoxEdit edit = sender as CheckedComboBoxEdit; CheckedPopupContainerForm form = edit.GetPopupEditForm() as CheckedPopupContainerForm; CheckedListBoxControl listBox = form.ActiveControl as CheckedListBoxControl; listBox.CheckMode = CheckMode.Multiple; listBox.SelectedIndexChanged += (s, ea) => { listBox.CheckSelectedItems(); }; }

                                  Let me know if I can be of further help.

                                • Art Ramirez 08.28.2019

                                  This last script (along with the line from the previous reply) seemed to do the trick.  It now multi-checks fairly well...
                                  Thanks for your time, code, & help !   :)

                                • Jannet (DevExpress Support) 08.28.2019

                                  You're always welcome! Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.