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                                  • Hello,
                                    I have created a GridControl with infinite scrolling using VirtualServerModeSource and DataTable as primary data source (real application uses SQL queries with DataTable as output). GridView columns are created from DataTable metadata. Unfortunately, GridView with VirtualServerModeSource only shows empty rows, although GridView.DataSource contains many DataRow records with the correct content. I attach an example of an application that demonstrates this problem.

                                • Maxim L (DevExpress Support) 08.22.2019

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                                Thank you for your project.
                                The cause of this behavior is that our grid cannot "recognize" which data it stores.
                                When you assign data to a grid, it obtains property descriptors of stored objects and generates its columns based on these descriptors to ensure the interaction with your source. Since you try to use DataRow objects for your VirtualServerModeSource instead of usual business objects, the grid doesn't get property descriptors that describe your data. For this reason, it cannot display data in cells correctly.
                                If you want to use DataTable and its DataRows as a source for VirtualServerModeSource, you need to use an intermediate data source that implements the IList and ITypedList interfaces. The last one provides the correct property descriptors for your data. I modified your project to demonstrate the main idea.
                                However, if you need to implement infinite scrolling in your application, I suggest you bind your database via any ORM, like our XPO or EntityFramework. It is a simpler and more stable solution.
                                Otherwise, I suggest you consider our server mode sources. I hope you will find it helpful.

                                • Vojtech Pihrt 08.23.2019

                                  Thanks a lot for your help. Using an intermediate data source has helped. Everything works properly. As a primary data source I have to use already exist SQL data pager that returns DataTable by page so I have no choice.

                                • Maxim L (DevExpress Support) 08.23.2019

                                  I'm happy to hear that my assistance was helpful.
                                  Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.