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                                  • [DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM T804278: ComboBoxEdit - The SelectedIndexChanged event is not firing for the same value]

                                    I've successfully switched to LookUpEdit, however it's behaving a little different comparing to ComboBoxEdit. I am using these controls for listing and selecting existing users, but for creating new one (using in-line editor and keyboard) as well.

                                    1. LookUpEdit is not firing EditValueChanged event upon user's keyboard input in the control's editor. CBEdit is firing SelectedIndexChanged fine.
                                    2. LookupEdit is not providing newly entered editor's value. CBEdit is providing it using .Text property.

                                    Thank you for your kind help.

                                • Jiri Ogurek 08.21.2019

                                  Would you be so kind and demonstrate for example with your previous project T804278 how to add a new value, I mean how to get some event upon user keyboard input and to how get newly entered value, thank you.

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                                Hi Jiri,
                                We have the How to: Add Value Entered by User to LookUpEdit's Data Source article that describes how you can handle user input in a lookup edit and convert it to a new value. Please test this approach. If it doesn't help and you still need further assistance, feel free to reactivate this thread and I will demonstrate this approach in the project from the original thread.

                                • Jiri Ogurek 08.22.2019

                                  Thank you, I've read the article and it's clear, however at the event ProcessNewValue I get value from the current (UserName) control only, however to add it I need newly entered value from another (UserID) LookUpEdit control as well, how can I get it, please?

                                  In general, how to get newly added value /not present in the datasource/ from LookUpEdit control without hitting the Enter, but pressing Insert button.

                                • Maxim L (DevExpress Support) 08.22.2019

                                  We need additional time to prepare an answer to your inquiry. We appreciate your understanding.

                                • Maxim L (DevExpress Support) 08.26.2019

                                  Hi Jiri,
                                  however to add it I need newly entered value from another (UserID) LookUpEdit control as well, how can I get it, please?
                                  There is no way to do this in your scenario. When an editor loses its focus, ProcessNewValue is raised. So, either you add a value to a data source or the editor clears its text.

                                  In your scenario, I suggest you show a dialog with two TextEdits where an end-user can input/modify the required text. I modified the previous project to demonstrate this idea.

                                  Also, please clarify if you consider using one editor and changing the user characteristics in its drop-down grid instead of using two separate editors. Editing these characteristics at the grid level seems easier that manually synchronizing the editor' values.
                                  As for the Insert key, do I understand it correctly that you want to raise ProcessNewValue by pressing this key instead of Enter?
                                  I look forward to your response.

                                • Jiri Ogurek 09.03.2019

                                  Yes, this is working fine! Thank you for your kind help :-)

                                • Maxim L (DevExpress Support) 09.03.2019

                                  You are always welcome.
                                  Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.