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                                  • [DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM Q259067: Edit value not loaded until component Tab Page is visible]

                                    We found that changing SelectedTabPageIndex doesn't work at all. Below is a version that does work:

                                    protected XtraTabControl FixDataBinding { get; set; } private void EditFormUserControl_VisibleChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (FixDataBinding != null) { // // bind data on invisible tabs var initialTab = FixDataBinding.SelectedTabPage; foreach (XtraTabPage t in FixDataBinding.TabPages) { t.Show(); } initialTab.Show(); } }

                                    Subclasses will assign their tab control to FixDataBinding in their constructor.

                                • Sasha (DevExpress Support) 08.19.2019

                                  Hello Yuntian,
                                  I tested the example from the Edit value not loaded until component Tab Page is visible thread and SelectedTabPageIndex works fine. It appears that your scenario is slightly different. Is it correct that you are using XtraTabControl in a custom Grid Edit Form? Is yes, would you please provide me with a small sample project that illustrates the issue?
                                  I hope to hear from you soon.

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