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                                  • Hi,

                                    Using the find panel in the grid :

                                    Behavior = Search
                                    Condition = Contains
                                    ParserKind = Or

                                    Is it possible to sort the rows based on how many words where found?

                                    f.e. searching for : Administrator Germany Sweden
                                    you would get first all the rows where all tree words are found, then two, then one.

                                    Best regards

                                1 Solution

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                                Hello Peter,
                                GridControl doesn't support this functionality out of the box. A possible solution is to create an unbound column that will store the number of matches and sort the Grid by this column. Use the CustomUnboundColumnData event to calculate the match number. Attached is a small sample project that illustrates the basic idea of this approach. Please review it and let me know if it helps.

                                • Peter Hillaert 08.20.2019

                                  That's perfect, that's what i need, but there is an issue everytime i try to search on a number f.e. 9 then i get an error in the scrollbar annotation?

                                • Sasha (DevExpress Support) 08.20.2019

                                  Hello Peter,
                                  I reproduced the issue and need additional time to research it. Please bear with me. I will update this thread as soon as possible.

                                • Sasha (DevExpress Support) 08.23.2019


                                  Thank you for the patience. Having researched the issue I found that you can overcome using the ParseFindPanelText event to refresh the Grid after changing the Find Panel text. Also, you can use the CustomColumnSort event to sort the Grid in a custom manner instead of using unbound columns. Attached is the modified sample.