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                                  • I'd like to have my password column to have show or hide functionality when in edit mode.

                                    See attached snapshot for reference

                                • Alisher (DevExpress Support) 08.29.2019

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                                • Emil Malate 1 09.02.2019


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                                DataGrid allows customizing the Form editors using the <dxi-item> statement. All you need is to define a required editor as in the Custom Text Editor Buttons demo inside <dxi-item>. To make this approach work, wrap TexBox to the *dxTemplate as follows:

                                <dxi-item> <div *dxTemplate> <dx-textbox> //... </dx-textbox> </div> </dxi-item>

                                Note that we implemented this functionality (custom editor buttons) in v.19.1 (see JavaScript Editors - Custom Buttons (v19.1) blog post). I recommend you update DevExtreme to the latest version.

                                We don't have a ready sample for this case, so feel free to share your progress with us. We will do our best to put you on the right track.

                                • Emil Malate 1 09.02.2019

                                  i can't still to create this with your example above. Appreciate if you can send me a sample inside a column of a datagrid. thanks!

                                • Lena (DevExpress Support) 09.03.2019

                                  Hello Emil,

                                  You can use this approach only in v.19.1. Did you update DevExtreme to this version? If you did and it doesn't work, please provide us with a sample illustrating the issue in action. I suggest you use the Customize Item demo as a starting point - click the "Copy to CodeSandBox" button to extract it into a stand-alone example, modify and post it back here for further examination.

                                  We'll do our best to put you on the right track.