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                                  • Previously I've asked how to edit a percentual value (0.4) as percentage (40%) on ticket DxDataGrid edit cell value as percentage. Now I need to edit decimal of percentage 0.425 as 42.5%. How can i do this?
                                    To ilustrate I'm using a grid with editor :

                                    <dx-data-grid [dataSource]="dataSource"> <dxo-editing mode="popup" [useIcons]="true" [allowDeleting]="true" [allowUpdating]="true" ></dxo-editing> <dxi-column dataField="ratio" caption="Ratio (%)" dataType="number" format="percent" [editorOptions]= "{format:'percent'}" ></dxi-column> </dx-data-grid>

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                                You can specify the format option with precision to display decimal numbers.
                                Try this approach and let us know your results.